Australia's Rivet Specialists

Let our experience be your guide

AUSTRALIAN RIVETING SUPPLIES PTY. LTD has been a supplier of quality fasteners and accessories to a diverse industry base for more than 20 years. For one-off orders or ongoing requirements and for most applications, we can supply and deliver the right fastener at the right price and within tight time frames. ARS specialise in Blind Rivets in many different configurations, Blind rivets with Dome Head, Countersunk head, Large Flange head, Standard Blind rivets, Closed End (Sealed) Blind rivets, Multigriip Blind rivets, Peel Blind Rivets, Coloured Blind rivets, Load Spread Blind rivets, Bulb-Tite Blind rivets, Structural Blind rivets, Blind rivets are manufactured from many different materials including Aluminium rivet Steel stem, All Aluminium, All Steel, All Stainless Steel, Copper Rivet Steel Stem, Nickel Copper Alloy Rivet Steel Stem.